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Stallion SX-401-FS 12 Bore Semi

Stallion SX-401-FS 12 Bore Semi

Elevate your shooting experience with the Stallion SX-401-FS, India's lightest semiautomatic shotgun designed for unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the SX-401-FS embodies excellence in design and functionality, making it the ultimate choice for discerning shooters and enthusiasts alike.

This exceptional firearm combines advanced features with rugged durability to deliver va shotgun that excels in any shooting environment. Its semi-automatic inertia action mechanism ensures smooth and consistent cycling, allowing for rapid follow-up shots and enhanced shooting efficiency. Whether navigating dense forests, stalking elusive game, or engaging in competitive shooting sports, the SX-401-FS rises to the occasion with unwavering reliability and precision.


  • Caliber : 12 Gauge
  • Barrel Length : 21 inches
  • Capacity : 4+1
  • Chamber : 3 inches (76mm)
  • Forcing Cone : 1.5 inches (38mm)
  • Weight : 3.0 KG (Unloaded)
  • Stock : Synthetic Black Fiber
  • Total Length : 43 inches (1092mm)
  • Trigger Pull : Approximately 2 KGF
  • Barrel Material : Chromium Molybdenum Carbon Steel
  • Receiver Material : High-Grade Aluminum
  • Barrel Finish : Black Chrome
  • Receiver Finish : Black Anodizing
  • Choke : Interchangeable
  • Picatinny : 11-Slot 20mm Mount Rail
  • Mount Rail : 11 mm
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