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(Modified) RFI (IOF) Sporting Rifle Calibre .315

(Modified) RFI (IOF) Sporting Rifle Calibre .315

.315 cal (8mm) sporting rifle is made by Rifle Factory Ishapore (Indian Ordinance Factory). It's a bolt action rifle that comes with a box type magazine of 5 rounds capacity. The wooden stock has been replaced with a synthetic one to make it look futuristic. The stock is foldable and more durable than the wooden one. It also comes with a pre installed railing to mount a scope if needed.


  • Calibre: 8 mm (.315")
  • Length of Barrel: 640 mm
  • Rear Sight: Open sight with two leaves
    Graduated to 91.44 Meters (100 Yds) and 274.32 Meters (300 Yds)
  • Range: 275 Meters
  • Trigger Pull: 2.27 to 2.72 Kgs
  • Magazine: Box type,Capacity-5 cartridges.
  • Stock: Synthetic
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