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GSF MKIII Calibre .32

GSF MKIII Calibre .32

Ashani 0.32” Mk-III 10 Rounds Pistol is the latest in the range of products being manufactured by GSF the two-centuries old pioneer in defence manufacturing in India, yet upholding with elan a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The magazine of this pistol has a unique feature of 10 rounds capacity compared to the 8 rounds of the earlier GSF versions. The length of the barrel has also been increased by 5mm resulting in a range of fire of 22m as compared to 18.27m in earlier variants.

Combined with safety and reliability which GSF has already been providing in its pistols for the last two decades, Ashani 0.32” Mk-III 10 Rounds Pistol provides a completely new look with protruded barrel and modified receiver designs, prominent fixed sights and an ergonomic wooden grip.

Features like push button type magazine release, exposed hammer and metallic logo of GSF on the wooden grip have also been incorporated. And with a light weight of 720 gm, this pistol offers its customers an ultimate combination of compactness, sturdiness and aesthetics.


Calibre: .32

Magazine Capacity: 10 shots

Barrel Length: 96.44 mm

Chamber: Suitable for .32 ACP rimmed cartridges

Weight of Pistol: 720 grams

Sight: Fixed

Safety: 3 types of safety

Trigger Pull: 2.2 to 3 Kgs

Rifling: 6 grooves spiral 1 in 16 RH

Range: 22 m

Action: Semi-Automatic, Blow-back

Grip: Wooden Grips

Logo: Metallic Logo GSF

Magazine Release: Push button type

Hammer: Exposed

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